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Stochastic-Cross OBOS Arrow

DESCRIPTION: Stochastic-Cross OBOS Arrow is an indicator that show BUY arrows in the chart whenever the Main Stochastic line(10,7,7) is crossing (has crossed) the Signal Stochastic line(10,7,7) below the Oversold level (20) and show SELL arrows whenever the Main Stochastic line(10,7,7) is crossing (has crossed) the Signal Stochastic line(10,7,7) above the Overbought level (80). This arrow is with Sound Alert, Email and Push_Notification Alerts.

TIMEFRAME & EXPIRY: The Time-frame used in this example was M1 and the Expiry was 15 candles.


[~] QuantBars: Number of bars to be calculated by the indicator.
#### Stochastic Settings ####
[~] StoK_Period: 
Stochastic K period, (e.g. 10)
[~] StoD_Period: Stochastic K period, (e.g. 7)
[~] Sto_Slowing: Stochastic Slowing, (e.g. 7)
[~] Sto_Oversold_Level: Stochastic Oversold Level, (e.g. 20)
[~] Sto_Overbought_Level: Stochastic Overbought Level, (e.g. 80)
[~] Price_field: Price base (e.g. Low/High)
[~] MA_method: Smoothing Method
(e.g. Simple)
#### Arrow Settings ####
[~] ArrowType: 
 On_Current_Candle: The arrow will show up as soon as the Main Sto line crosses the Signal Sto line while the candle is still forming (The signals repaint sometimes because of the current Stochastic movement). On_Next_Candle: The arrow will show up only at the start of the new candle after confirmed Cross between the Main and Signal Stochastic lines by the end of the previous candle (The signals do not repaint, because the cross is confirmed by the fixed Stochastic value at the end of the previous candle).
[~] Expiry: Arrows expiry time calculated by number of bars.
[~] ArrowsDisplacement: Distance between the price and the arrows.
[~] ArrowsUpCode: BUY Arrows Symbol.
[~] ArrowsDnCode: SELL Arrows Symbol.
[~] Show_WinLoss_Symbols: Enable/Disable showing the WIN/LOSS symbols in the chart.
#### Arrow Settings ####
[~] Send_Email:
Send Alerts to email.
[~] Audible_Alerts: Sound Alerts on the chart.
[~] Push_Notifications: Send Alerts to Mobile.


Thanks for your support. Regards, Hicham Benkaihoul

DOWNLOAD: Stochastic-Cross_OBOS_Arrow.ex4

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1 joshungtx • 5:12 PM, 2018-07-09
Dear Hicham Benkaihoul !  normally I saw your back test indicator. Can you let me know resul of this indicator
2 Binary-Hacker • 7:23 PM, 2018-07-09
Hi my friend. Since that the market is not a stationary system, therefore, the quality of using a fixed values of the parameters can not be stable. It can be profitable sometimes but it can not be stable, so we need to periodically optimize the values of parameters. But doing this task manually is not easy and not practical. That is why I will be posting new Arrows, dynamic with the market, Self-Parameters-Optimizing at the start of each new candle with a Forward-Testing counter. It will be optimizing the values of the parameters based on the performance of the past x candles (e.g. 100 bars), So the Current-Candle arrows will be based on the new optimized parameters. Take a look, I will be posting it today.

Best regards,